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Pest Manager of the Year 2021 (Micro Business)

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Why Choose The Pest Doctors?

When you call us for help, we understand that you trusting us to protect your family from pests and ensure the health of your property. We listen to your pest problem and design a treatment for your specific situation.

Why you can trust the Pest Doctors…

  • We offer a complete range of pest control and termite services
  • 12 month Service Guarantee on all services
  • Fully licensed and insured for all aspects of pest control and termite management
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced team
  • All treatments are designed to be safe to be family, pets and the environment
  • We treat every customer as a person
  • We value your time – we arrive on time or call if delayed
  • Family owned, Brisbane based business.
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Brisbane’s Pest Control Experts

Pests are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Rodents, insects and birds can cause large amounts of property damage and food waste as they forage for food and chew on walls, cables and furniture. They also pose a health hazard, bringing bacteria and viruses into your home, exacerbating existing health problems or spreading new illnesses to you and your family. Pests are not only a nuisance, but actively harmful to your property and your health and safety. That’s why they need to be dealt with swiftly and professionally. Instead of wasting time, money and effort getting rid of the pests yourself, with a high risk that they’ll return quickly anyway, get help from Brisbane’s #1 pest control specialist. At Pest Doctors, we offer professional and reliable pest control services with a range of different services and treatments suited for a variety of different pests. We can help keep you and your property safe.

Pest Treatments For All Of Brisbane

There are plenty of pests in Australia, but we’re well-equipped to deal with all of them.

  • If you’re struggling with termites, we offer various termite systems in Brisbane to help, alongside a termite management system to prevent termites from returning. We also offer termite inspections in Brisbane for those suspecting that they have a termite infestation.
  • We offer rodent treatments, getting rid of rats and mice using lockable bait stations and rodenticide baits. We can usually eliminate the problem within 1-2 weeks.
  • Birds can also be pests as their droppings corrode surfaces and pose a health hazard, but we’re able to eliminate that problem as well with Bird control in Brisbane. Among other things, we can protect your solar panels with bird and solar pigeon proofing.
  • We can get rid of pest insects with our services including ant control in Brisbane, cockroach control in Brisbane and spider pest control using specialist insect sprays, baits, dusts and powders, which prevent nasty bites from spiders, the health risks posed by cockroaches and the property damage that can be caused by ants.

Offering Pest Removal Services Across All of Brisbane

At Pest Doctors, we have a large service area in Brisbane, which includes both Brisbane Northside pest control and Southside pest control. Areas we service include:

With something as important as your home and your own health and safety, you always want to choose a professional you know you can trust and rely on. That’s why you should choose us for your pest control. We’re a professional and award-winning business known for offering excellent service and always being on time. We provide reliable solutions backed up with guarantees. Our 12-month service guarantee gives you the peace of mind that if the pests return within a year, we’ll be back at no extra charge. We use the safest available products and always prioritize the safety of your family, your pets and the environment. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is fully licensed and insured for all the pest control services we offer. If you’re having a pest issue in Brisbane, call us at 1300 252 888 for a free quote. Read Less

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Professional Pest Control Brisbane





We believe in Value for Money. We believe that we offer one of the highest levels ofservice and knowledge to our Brisbane customers. We are committed to ourcustomers in all that we do.


We will arrive when we say, or you will receive a courtesy call to advise we are running a little late. Please always rest assured that we value your time


We understand the importance of keeping your family, pets and the environment, healthy and safe. We prioritise sourcing the safest available products on the market to reduce the risk to your loved ones.


12 Month Service Guarantee on all pest control treatments. If pests come back we will come back and re-treat the area of concern at no extra charge.

Pest Control Brisbane – the suburbs we service

Based in Ashgrove, we are centrally located to provide services across Brisbane, with key suburbs including:


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