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Flying termites are called Alates and the great news is they aren’t able to nest in your roof or start eating your property. Alates normally fly before or after heavy rain either early morning or late afternoon. They normally only fly within two season changes within the year which is from summer to spring and Autumn to summer.

Alates are sent from a current colony to start a new colony and are the potential kings and queens of the new colony. They can often be attracted to your property by the lights but they aren’t very good flyers and are normally aided by the wind.

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Following the swarm Alates will land in a suitable area with contact to the soil to start their new colony. Firstly they start by shedding their wings. The queen will change her shape over the coming months and following this she can produce up to 2000 eggs per day, she is immobile and will only produce new eggs to build the colony on size. Some colonies can live for up to 50 years.

termite treatment brisbane - termite inspection and management systemsYou may also see Flying Ants at similar times as Termites but they have very different body shapes and don’t cause damage to your timber. The main difference is that Ants have three body segments whereas termites only have two. If you believe you have ant issues however we do also offer Brisbane ant control services.

The colony is made up of Soldiers, workers, and Alates. The most important part of the colony is a healthy queen. Within the colony, the workers maintain the leads, attend to the young, and forage for food whilst the workers protect the colony from attacks like ants and other predators.

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If you have just seen an Alates flight don’t panic but it would certainly be worth getting a Brisbane pest inspection carried out on your property or potentially looking at a Termite management system to prevent unnoticed termite entry into your property. If you would like to book in one of these services please contact us here.