The Most Common Pests Found in Brisbane

The Most Common Pests Found in Brisbane

We humans share the planet with an incredible array of other creatures, and most of them we’re perfectly happy with. But there is also a whole category of undesirables that we call pests, and they are not welcome at all – not in our homes and business premises, anyway.

So how do you get rid of these little critters (they range from small to microscopic)? You could try doing it yourself, but do you really want to spend your spare time waging war on enemies, some of which you can see but many of which are determined to keep out of your way?

At Pest Doctors, our mission is to keep pests off your property, out of your living areas and, if they’re already there before you call us, to get rid of them and make sure they don’t come back. We have studied them. We know what they like and what they don’t like and when we get on their case on your behalf, there is only going to be one winner: you.

Common Pests found in Brisbane and the issues they cause:



Rodent control in Brisbane covers a multitude of sins. It means rat removal in Brisbane and mice control in Brisbane. Rats are the scary ones because they are bigger, but mice cause the same kinds of problems, and both leave their calling cards in the form of faeces, a word that has many unpleasant alternatives but which in polite society we know as “droppings”.

Call it you what you will, rodent excrement is not just unpleasant, it is a health hazard. And it’s not the only beef we have with rodents: they live in dirty places and bring all sorts of filth and nasty insects with them when they come into your living spaces. And they eat your food and, if they get the chance, drink your drinks – and if you don’t even like a family member’s saliva on what enters your mouth, you sure don’t want to share stuff with rats and mice.


Here’s another service we offer: termite inspections in Brisbane. We conduct inspections because this is an area where a lot of damage can be done before you even suspect it. Termites are tiny, but the destruction they cause can be catastrophic, so it makes sense to get termite protection in Brisbane that can help prevent the problem. If it’s already happening, we’ll work on eradicating them, but prevention is better than cure.

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Cockroaches are another kind of pest that give people shivers, and with good reason. In addition to defecating all over your property, they can transmit disease. These bad boys are famously resilient, but our cockroach pest control in Brisbane can sort them out.


And finally, on this little list, there are ants. Lots of varieties, ranging from small to microscopic and all unwelcome in our homes and workplaces. Ant control in Brisbane is well within our range.It’s a long list, of pests in Brisbane, but whatever it is that’s bothering you, Pest Doctors can take care of it for you.

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Less reviled but commonly scary to some people are spiders, and as part of our all-around pest control spider treatment can remind the leggy creeps who’s boss. Our spider exterminators can help you feel safe once again and reclaim your home from an arachnid invasion.