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"Excellent, prompt and efficient termite barrier service to us with a very competitive price. Highly recommend him to any of our friends, families, colleagues etc."

Athena, Mount Gravatt

"David and his brother Chris were very thorough when they did the job, and we have no hesitation in strongly recommending them and the company. They were/are a pleasure to deal with."

Jackie McKmmie, Paddington

'Best ever! Very, very impressed. Five stars for attitude, honesty, thoroughness, helpfulness and information."

Mel, Clayfield



We believe in Value for Money. We believe that we offer one of the highest levels ofservice and knowledge to our Brisbane customers. We are committed to ourcustomers in all that we do.


We will arrive when we say, or you will receive a courtesy call to advise we arerunning a little late. Please always rest assured that we value your time


We understand the importance of keeping your Family, Pets and the EnvironmentHealthy and Safe. We prioritise sourcing the safest available products on the market to reduce the risk to your loved ones.


12 MonthService Guarantee on all Pest Control Treatments. If pests come back wewill come back and re-treat the area of concern at no extra charge.

Have You Checked your Home for Unwanted Guests?

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Protect your hard-earned assets from unwanted guests and book a Termite Inspection or Pest Control Service to your Family home or Commercial Property.

Pest Control Kenmore


Are pests becoming a nuisance in your commercial or residential property in Kenmore Brisbane? You should not allow this to happen. Pests can make your property uncomfortable, and they are also a health hazard. At Pest Doctors, we can help make your home or business pest-free. Having been in this business for years now, we understand the best strategies to apply to ensure that you do not face this problem in your property. We are always available, you need to get in touch, and our pest experts will be in your place within the agreed-upon time. 

Customers Come First

In our business, our customers are our greatest priority. When you call us, we listen to your needs and decide on the best approach to apply to ensure that your home is free of these pests. Our professionals arrive at your place and assess the rate of infestation and decide the best way to deal with the pests. Regardless of the pests that have invaded your home, we are fully committed and dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied with the quality of our pest management solutions. 

Apply Approved Products 

At Pest Doctors, we comply with the laid down regulations in the industries. One of the ways we do this is by use of the only approved pest control products. All the products we use are approved and do not have adverse effects on the environment. Besides, they are also safe so that no adverse health effects can occur in your home. All the products we apply are also friendly because they dry fast, do not leave residue and are odourless. 

Fully Licensed and Insured Technicians

When you entrust us to work on your project, you can be assured that you will be working with professionals in the field. All our technicians are fully insured and licensed by the right authorities. We are accredited and certified by all the authorities because all our experts meet the laid down regulations. Besides, we have a good reputation, meaning that even when we are working inside your house, you have peace of mind because nothing can go wrong. 

Provide Emergency Services

Having been in the business for many years, we understand that your home can be invaded by pests such as black ants or bees. Such pests require emergency attendance, and this is why at Pest Doctors, we offer emergency services for quick solutions.

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