Solar Panel Bird Proofing in Brisbane

Are birds making a mess and ruining your solar panels?

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panel Services in Brisbane

Birds can cause significant damage to both residential and commercial buildings. Their droppings corrode surfaces and they represent a significant health hazard. Solar panels are particularly prone to damage and loss in performance due to bird activity. The Pest Doctors utilise a range of humane exclusion techniques to protect buildings and solar panels from bird damage.

Why Solar Panels Need Pigeon Proofing In Brisbane

The biggest problem that birds cause is their droppings. Large groups of birds leave a lot of droppings behind, which can be problematic for many reasons. The droppings are acidic and can corrode metal surfaces, which causes damage to roofs and walls if you have a lot of birds hanging out up there. This is extra problematic when it comes to solar panels, which increasingly more of us are using to be more sustainable and kinder to the environment.

Bird droppings can cause a lot of damage to solar panels and severely impact their efficiency and the amount of electricity generated. Lastly, bird droppings are also unhygienic and unsanitary. They represent a significant health hazard and can cause illness. In conclusion, you definitely don’t want to deal with birds on your roof. That’s why we’re here to help with our pigeon-proofing solar panel services in Brisbane. Read More

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services In Brisbane

When we hear the word pest, we usually think about rodents like rats or mice, or insects and termites. We don’t usually think about birds, but actually, birds can also be pests that cause significant damage. In Australia, common pest bird species include pigeons, starlings and sparrows. They become an even bigger problem as more of us transition to using solar panels, which are easily affected by bird droppings. If you have solar panels and you’re worried about birds, then Pest Doctors are here to help.

We offer humane bird protection and bird removal services and can bird proof solar panels in a number of ways, always choosing a solution that fits your specific situation. We’re highly experienced and knowledgeable in all things pest control, and we’re more than capable of dealing with your bird problem. If you’re looking for pigeon proofing for solar panels in Brisbane, we can get you sorted.

The Need For Solar Pigeon Proofing In Brisbane

So why is solar panel bird proofing so essential? There are several reasons. Bird droppings are acidic and can corrode the metal components of your solar panel. This can cost a lot of money in repairs and replacements. Droppings on top of your solar panels greatly impact the efficiency of the panels and can reduce the amount of electricity they’re able to generate.

This means that if your panels aren’t properly bird-proofed, you have to spend a lot of time and money on keeping them clean from bird droppings to prevent this from happening. Birds can also choose to nest under solar panels because they consider it a good nesting spot, which means they spend even more time around your solar panels and are more likely to cause damage and leave droppings.

How Can Solar Panel Bird Proofing in Brisbane be Done Sensitively?

We can install spikes to stop birds from resting or roosting, make slopes so they can’t keep stable, apply gel that makes them uncomfortable and install mesh to stop them from getting into cozy spaces. Such as under solar panels, for instance. You don’t want them anywhere near those because their droppings are not just corrosive but impede effectiveness keeping the rays out. For larger areas, netting can be used to keep them out. The methods are usually simple enough but involve working at great heights and in awkward places, so safety is another prime concern.

Can I get Brisbane Bird Pest Control Quickly? Sure you can. Call us and we’ll come and check out your property, recommend solutions, and get started on fixing the problem.

Brisbane Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Did you know that birds can be considered pests and cause some significant damage? Surprising, right? But if you’ve been concerned about the number of birds on or around your building, whether it’s your home or business, then no, you haven’t been paranoid for no reason. It’s definitely a problem that you want to deal with to prevent a range of issues. That’s what Pest Doctors are here for. We are Northside Brisbane’s pest control experts and we offer humane solutions to bird proofing and bird removal to keep your home or business safe. If you need help with bird or pigeon control in Brisbane, we’ll figure out the perfect Southside pest controlsolution for your situation. Read Less

Professional Pest Bird Management

solar panel bird proofing image

Bird proofing to stop birds nesting under solar panels

Commercial building bird proofing image

A commercial bird proofing installation

solar panel cleaning image

Cleaning solar panels maintains their performance

The Pest Doctors use a range of bird management techniques to exclude birds from an area or building. The product choice and design of the exclusion system depends on the nature of the site, the species present and the level of bird pressure.

Bird proofing - General

The Pest Doctors are very much focused on humane bird management techniques, so prefer to use exclusion techniques to protect an area or building rather than trapping or shooting (which can also be provided if no other method is possible). A well-designed bird management system will provide lasting protection from problem birds.

A number of products and technique are utilised to bird proof buildings. The choice of product is heavily influenced by the nature of the area to be protected, the size and behaviour of the bird species present, the number of birds present and the aesthetics required (some buildings require a low profile or ‘invisible’ product).

Products for ledges and narrow resting areas:

  • Bird spikes
  • Bird post and wire
  • Bird slope
  • Repellent Gel
  • Electrified shock system

For large spaces / indoor areas:

  • Bird netting
  • Vinyl strip curtains / doors

A range of scaring devices are also sometimes required.

As bird control & proofing activities involve working at height and often close to electrical services, the Pest Doctors take all necessary safety precautions when carrying out an installation and are fully insured.

Solar panel bird proofing

Why do you need to protect your solar panels from birds?

  1. Bird droppings are very acidic and can quickly cause damage to the metal components
  2. Mess on the solar panels can greatly reduce their efficiency and the amount of electricity generated

How does the Pest Doctors protect your solar panels?

In many residential situations, the issue is cause by birds nesting underneath the panels. As such, our standard solar proofing service includes the installation of steel mesh from the edge of the panels to the roofing material. The mesh is secured by specially designed fixings so no drilling to the panels is required.

Our bird proofing methods won’t void your solar panel manufacturer warranty.

However, sometimes the problem is caused by large numbers of birds resting or roosting on the roof and panels. This is particularly the case with pigeons. In such cases a more substantial exclusion system will need to be designed and installed to keep the roof bird free.

Solar panel cleaning

The Pest Doctors also provide solar panel cleaning services.

We use specialised pure water cleaning equipment which won’t void any solar panel manufacturer warranty.

Initial clean up:

When we are installing an exclusion system, we will also clean the panels to return them to maximum efficiency.

Regular cleaning:

Since solar panels will build up a layer of dust and dirt over time, even with a bird exclusion system in place, regular cleaning is recommended. Booking an annual clean when we carry out your annual pest treatment is a great way to look after your panels, ensure optimal performance and maximise your savings.

Commercial buildings

The Pest Doctors provide bird removal and bird proofing services for commercial buildings, including shopping centres and warehouses.

We have years of experience in managing these larger projects and coupled with our working at heights training and professional indemnity / public liability insurance, you can have confidence that the Pest Doctors will do a good job and a safe job.

We work with our commercial customers to make sure all work is carried out at a time to minimise interruptions and inconvenience.

Cleaning services

Cleaning up after a bird problem is an important part of bird management. Without cleaning up the bird nesting materials and droppings there is a significant risk of disease transfer and pest problems (eg. bird mites) in the building.

The Pest Doctors can clean up all bird mess and provide disinfectant treatments as part of the service.



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Why are pest birds a problem?


  • Bird droppings are corrosive and cause damage to buildings and surfaces.
  • Droppings, nesting material and feathers impact businesses, spoiling products and goods for sale
  • Birds feeding on agricultural and horticultural crops can cause significant crop loses

Health Hazard

  • Birds and their droppings carry a wide range of diseases, such as Salmonella, coli, psittacosis and histoplasmosis
  • Birds also carry a number of parasites, including bird mites and lice, which can make their way into buildings
  • It may seem unlikely, but large amounts of droppings on pavements can create a slip hazard (it does happen!) with potential litigation issues – The Pest Doctors have been involved in major projects such as the Queens Wharf development for this very reason!

Economic costs

A good bird management / exclusion plan can be a good investment, saving money by avoiding:

  • Regular clean-up costs
  • Lost product / goods
  • Repair damage to buildings

Environmental impact

  • A large number of roosting birds can create a significant noise issue

Pest bird species

There are regulations around the management of pest birds, which is why it is important to choose a pest control company like the Pest Doctors that have significant bird management experience. If the pest bird happens to be a native animal there are additional restrictions, as there a penalties for harming native animals.

In Brisbane, the key pest birds are the common (Indian) myna, pigeon (or rock dove), starling and sparrow. All these birds are invasive pests (not native).

Native birds that cause pest problems (and so have to be managed carefully), include the silver gull (seagull), sulphur crested cockatoo, corella, Australian white ibis and welcome swallow.

Ready to do something about your Bird problem?

Birds carry disease, make a mess, damage buildings and cause noise pollution.