Pest Control Spider Treaments in Brisbane

Do you need to protect your family and pets from spiders?

Specialist Pest Control Spider Treatments

Spiders can be scary to many people and certainly some spiders have a nasty bite.

Keeping your family and pets safe from spiders and your home free of spider webs is a key part of ensuring a pest-free home.

Although our general pest control treatments include spiders, sometimes if you have an infestation or a particular concern a specialist spider treatment is the better option.

Our Spider Pest Control in Brisbane provides a range of specialist spider treatments to provide long-lasting protection. Read More

Spider Control & Removal In Brisbane

Few people like spiders and most of us don’t want them wandering into our homes. A lot of people find spiders scary, and there are many species that you really wouldn’t want to be bitten by. If you’re finding that you have a lot of spiders in or around your home, you might want to consider pest control spider treatment. Pest Doctors can help you with that. We’re some of the top pest spider control in Brisbane, with the experience and knowledge to get rid of spiders of any species, in any home, no matter the extent of the infestation. We offer both general pest control services that take care of most spiders and specialized spider treatments to tackle a particular issue so it is best to book a pest inspection in Brisbane. If you’ve had enough of spiders and want your home back without constantly looking in corners for another spider web, we’ll help you out.

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Signs you need a Brisbane Spider Treatment

We know there are plenty of DIY options on the Internet claiming to be pest control spider treatment solutions to spider problems, but the truth is that it’s harder to get rid of spiders than you might think. You need to know what species you’re dealing with, what products to use, where and how to spray, and so much more. A lot of people find themselves wasting time and money on these attempts only for the spiders to keep returning.

When you hire a spider exterminator, you’ll get someone who knows exactly how to tackle a spider issue and has all the right tools for the job. We know how spiders act, how pesticides work, and how to use them. We can get rid of spiders in a more long-term sustainable way and more quickly and efficiently. While there are ways to prevent spider problems, the only way to completely get rid of a spider infestation is with a southside pest control treatment.

How Our Pest Control Spider Treatments Work

Our Brisbane spider control services are always thorough and reliable. We know that spiders tend to stay outside and only come into the home by accident, which is why we focus our efforts on the perimeter of the house. We use specialist spider sprays that kill all spiders that come into contact with it and leave behind a residue that kills the other spiders that walk onto it afterward and prevent them from building webs. The sprays also kill other insects that spiders hunt and eat. All of this gets rid of a lot of the spiders around your home and makes it a much less attractive target for other spiders.

Arachnophobia: Finding a Spider Exterminator in Brisbane

The fear of spiders is so common that they made a movie about it: Arachnophobia. That was about a newly discovered and dangerous species, and while most spiders are not harmful, there is something about them that can make the hardiest and most fearless of people uncomfortable. That’s as good a reason as any for getting rid of them. There are plenty of other places in the world where they can be, so taking your house off the list is not going to cause arachnids any sleepless nights.

Now, you can try to do it yourself, but there is more to this than meets the eye, so why not just find a good spider exterminator in Brisbane? They do exist and we’re one of the leading names: Pest Doctors.

Why Do Spiders Come into Houses? Will Brisbane Spider Fumigation Remove Them?

Mainly by accident, in fact. Spiders eat insects, so they are better off outside, where there is a plentiful supply. But when they find themselves indoors, they carry on with their normal spidery ways, such as spinning webs, which they use for climbing and for catching their prey. To humans, spider webs are a symbol of disuse and desolation. See a web in someone’s house and it looks like they haven’t been doing the cleaning and dusting as they should. Our Brisbane spider fumigation is generally an effective measure to remove spiders from your home.

Is Spider Removal in Brisbane Done for Safety Reasons?

Some spiders are harmful – and tarantulas are spiders, so that tells you something. The fact that what’s in your building is harmless is all very well for an expert to tell you. If they give you the creeps, seek spider removal in Brisbane and get rid of them anyway.

Chose Pest Doctors for Spider Pest Control In Brisbane

If you need help with spider control & removal in Brisbane, choose Pest Doctors. We’re known for getting reliable results and offering excellent service. We treat all customers like people and listen to your concerns to devise a pest control spider treatment that works for your situation. We use safe sprays and products to ensure the safety of your family, your pets, and the environment. We’re always punctual and on time or giving you a call to let you know we’ve been held up.

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Professional Spider Treatments

Redback spider image

Redback spider (web building spider)

Black house spider image

Black house spider (web building spider)

White tail spider image

White tailed spider (running spider)

Spiders live outside and generally find their way inside “by accident” or to escape heat or heavy rain.

As such, our spider treatments focus on treating the external areas of the property – the building perimeter, eaves, vents, weepholes and other entry points, as well as foliage around the building and fencing.

Our treatments are designed to kill any spiders present and providing lasting protection – making sure your home is spider and web free for many months.

We provide a 12 month warranty on spiders outside the home.

How Our Pest Spider Treatments Work

Our specialist spider sprays will kill any spider they contact. They also leave an invisible insecticide residue on treated surfaces. This residue will kill any spiders that come along later and also stops them building their webs.

It’s important to leave any webs in place for a couple of days after spraying. This gives any spiders in hiding the chance to pick up insecticide when they venture back out onto their  web. The webs can be brushed down after a couple of days – don’t use a hose to spray the webs down as the water will also wash away the insecticide

Pest Spiders Inside The Home

Of course, no-one wants spiders inside the home, but while we will eliminate any spiders we see during our treatment, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee that no spiders will enter your home (no-one can) in the months after the treatment. This is because hunting spiders, such as white-tail spiders which run on the tips of their legs, can actually walk over treated surfaces without actually picking up a lethal dose of insecticide.

BUT, with our specialist spider treatments we eliminate web-building spiders outside the home along with other insects, thus eliminating suitable prey for hunting spiders around your home. This makes your home far less attractive to these spiders and so the chances of a spider ending up inside a greatly reduced.

How to prevent a spider problem?

To make your home less attractive to spiders it is necessary to reduce the potential food sources around the building (insects and other spiders) and eliminate potential hiding spots.

The only way to really eliminate insects and other prey items for spiders from around your home is to have a pest treatment. However, there are a few actions you can take to eliminate potential hiding spots around the home where they could build their webs / nests:

  • Remove stored goods and wood piles from around and under your home – these are favourite hiding places for redbacks, huntsman and white-tailed spiders
  • Remove or trim back vegetation from around the perimeter of the home – bushes are preferred hiding spots for garden spiders to build their webs
  • Seal up any cracks around entry points and ensure you have good fitting pest screens
  • Make sure any sheets and clothes are kept off the floor – huntsman and white-tailed spiders love to hide in tight spaces!

More Pest Spider Information

Web-building spiders

Web-buildings spiders such as redback and black house spiders are pretty easy to kill as they hide in crevices and have obvious webs.

A quality surface treatment will provide long lasting protection from web-building spiders and prevent them building their webs.

Running spiders

Running or hunting spiders, such as white-tailed and huntsman spiders, don’t build webs and so their hiding places can be harder to spot. In addition, they walk on the tips of their legs which means they pick up little insecticide when walking on treated surfaces. This make them harder to control.

Running spiders feed on insects and other spiders around your home – black house spiders are actually a favourite food of white-tail spiders. As such, a pest treatment to eliminate insects and web-building spiders around the home make the property less attractive for running spiders.

White-tail spider bites

The idea that the bite of a white-tailed spider causes flesh to decay is a myth. Whilst the bite is certainly quite painful there are no toxins in the bite that can cause the flesh to decay. However, bacteria can be introduced into the bite area from the fangs of the spider or by scratching the irritated area. However, this can happen with any spider bite and is not specific to white-tail spider bites.



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Need to protect your home, family and pets from Spiders?

Spiders webs can be very unsightly and spider bites can be a concern for your family and pets.