Queensland homes are at risk of Mosquito invasions

Mosquito Pest Control North Brisbane

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Due to expected wet weather along the East Coast of Australia experts are expecting an increase in the mosquito number around Queensland homes. There has already been a significant increase in the number of cases of Ross River fever and Barmah forest virus.

Queensland Health figures reveal that the Metro north region has experienced on of the biggest spikes in Ross River Fever in four years. Stating that more people have been diagnosed with Ross River this quarter than for the whole entire year for each of the four previous years.

In Queensland we love the outdoors which can be a real pain when heavy numbers of mosquitos are around your property. The worst time for this are following heavy rain, high tides and early evenings in warmer months.

Mosquito Treatment & Management in North Brisbane

To reduce your chances of getting bitten experts recommend wearing protective clothing, preferably in a lighter colour, using insect repellents. A good way to prevent high numbers around your property is to trim back dense foliage, remove stagnant water and have a mosquito treatment carried out to the perimeter of your property.

At Pest Doctors our specialised mosquito treatment is carried out to foilage, fences, external walls of the property and also water sources around the property. Pest control North Brisbane use specialised equipment that allows a specific sized droplet is left on these surfaces which will control mosquitos as they enter your yard.

We have also carried out specialized mosquito control training back in 2013 on the Gold Coast. If you would like to discuss your mosquito issues at your property call us today on 0423 439 170 or email to arrange a quote.