Noises in your roof keeping you awake at night?

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A common complaint we receive from clients is in regard to noises in their roofs. Due to the areas we live this could be a few pests, most commonly this is from Rodents (Rats or Mice) or possums. In some cases, it can be caused by both.

Both of these pests will cause damage significant damage to your property from their feces/urine, and cause damage to electrical wiring leaving you with a potential fire risk and also transmit many diseases.

Rodent’s follow a hierarchy where the dominant males will eat first, followed by dominant females, and then the brood (young). The biggest risk when the pests are left to their own devices is the rapid population, A female rodent will drop a litter in early march. This litter can equate up to 40 mice by the end of June and 5000 in a year or up to 36 Rats by the end of June.

Mice, Rat & Possum Control in Kenmore

Control of rodents starts with a Thorough inspection to identify the species, entry points and area of activity. These areas can be identified by rodent droppings, rub marks, burrows or Gnaw marks. Once this inspection has been carried out we will formulate a rodent control which may include rodent bait being installed in a lockable rodent station to minimise the risk to your family, pets, and the environment.

Interesting Fact: Rodents can fit through small holes…….. A rat only needs a hole the size of your thumb and a mouse the size of your little finger to enter your property.

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Possums will nest in a small area of the roof void. This is normally evident by a large amount of urine which can damage the plasterboard around the area. Possum droppings are larger than rodent droppings and normally clustered together. Most nice with possums in around dusk and dawn when they return to there sleeping area.

Possums can enter the property through holes that may have been left during construction or renovations, they are larger than rodents and may also pull at damaged/ or rotten timbers. Possums are a protected species and the removal and relocation of them can only be done with a permit.

We utilise possum traps, one way doors and movement cameras to firstly identify and safely remove the possum from the roof. The possum is released at night in conjunction with the permit regulations. We will carry out proofing to the entry point to stop reinfestation to the cavities.

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