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Pest Control Kenmore

We offer a full range of pest control services, as well as termite inspections and treatments for Kenmore.

Our key pest control services in Kenmore

Two other key services popular with our customers in Kenmore are:

  • Bird proofing and removal and solar panel cleaning / protection services
  • Funnel ant treatments to yards


Key Pests in Kenmore

Being a sub-tropical climate – warm temperatures all year round, with good rainfall and moisture – Kenmore is an ideal place for pests to breed. The key pests in Kenmore are termites, ants and mosquitoes.

With the areas of bush and larger blocks, Kenmore is termite heaven! The warmer temperatures mean that termites are active all year and so homeowners need to be vigilant to protect their properties from termite attack.

Termites on wood image

Although ants can be a problem inside in Kenmore, Kenmore is one of the suburbs where funnel ants can become a problem. Funnel ant love certain grass types and soil – which is why they attack some lawns and not others – and the underground nest building producing the visible funnels and ruin a lawn and devalue properties.

funnel ants control - brisbane ant treatment and management

The presence of Moggill Creek and good rainfall, through the year means mosquitoes can also be a problem on some properties in Kenmore.

mosquito control brisbane - mosquito treatment and management queensland

Popular pest control treatments for Kenmore residents

A once a year general pest treatment is a great option to keep pests at bay. Most of our Kenmore customers have their annual termite inspection carried out a the same time as the pest treatment to save some money.

However, although termite inspections are a must, homeowners in Kenmore often decide to install a termite protection system around their home to prevent a termite attack.

Our funnel ant treatments will eliminate ants from the lawn and keep the lawn clear of ants for many months. Sometimes it can be years before they return.


About the Pest Doctors

Our customers come first – We listen to you needs and concerns and are dedicated to ensuring you are happy with our service, which is why we offer a 12 month service guarantee.

We only apply approved products – Safe to use around children and pets and no adverse effects on the environment.

All our technicians are fully licensed and insured – You can always request to see our license and insurance. Our team are continuously training on the latest techniques and products to ensure you get the best service

We provide emergency services – Like any doctor, the Pest Doctors are on call for emergencies. Although genuine emergencies are not common, its good to know we are there if needed


Kenmore – Local facts

European settlement began in Kenmore in the 1850s. The main industry was farming, in particular dairy farming.

Despite only being 10km from the Brisbane CBD Kenmore is a hilly, bush suburb with large blocks. Although the number of units and townhouses is increasing.

With the Brisbane River on one edge and the Moggill Creek along another, areas of Kenmore have always been susceptible to flooding and it was badly hit by the 2010-11 floods.

Banner image credit: By Kgbo – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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We understand the importance of keeping your family, pets and the environment, healthy and safe. We prioritise sourcing the safest available products on the market to reduce the risk to your loved ones.


12 Month Service Guarantee on all pest control treatments. If pests come back we will come back and re-treat the area of concern at no extra charge.

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