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Pest Control Paddington

The Pest Doctors are based in next door Ashgrove, so prompt service is assured! We offer a full range of pest control and termite management services to our customers in Paddington.

Our key pest control services in Paddington

For homes with solar panels our Bird proofing, nest removal and solar panel cleaning/protection services are proving popular.

Key Pests in Paddington

The key pests in Paddington are termites, cockroaches, ants and in winter, rodents. The sub-tropical climate results in warm temperatures and good rainfall all year round, meaning pests can breed quickly and infestations can get quickly out of control. With very mild winters, there are no cold temperatures to reduce populations in winter, so pests are a year round problem.

Paddington is a hilly, leafy suburb providing an ideal environment for termites, especially in the gully areas where there is increased soil moisture. There are a lot of older, weatherboard homes in Paddington, which can make a nice feast for termites! Although these older homes are built on piers due to the sloping blocks, which allows termite activity to be detected, regular termite inspections and termite protection systems are a must for homeowners.

Termites on wood image

Termites or “white ants”


Popular pest control treatments for Paddington residents

A once a year general pest treatment is a great option, especially to keep those large cockroaches and spiders under control. By combining the pest treatment with their annual termite inspection our Paddington customers can save a bit of money too!

However, although termite inspections are a must, they don’t actually stop termites entering and attacking the building. As such we strongly recommend to Paddington residents that they should install a termite protection system around their home to prevent a termite attack.  Given many of the blocks in Paddington are on sloping blocks, we often recommend termite baiting systems as the best option.

About the Pest Doctors

Our customers come first – We listen to you needs and concerns and are dedicated to ensuring you are happy with our service, which is why we offer a 12 month service guarantee.

We only apply approved products – Safe to use around children and pets and no adverse effects on the environment.

All our technicians are fully licensed and insured – You can always request to see our license and insurance. Our team are continuously training on the latest techniques and products to ensure you get the best service

We provide emergency services – Like any doctor, the Pest Doctors are on call for emergencies. Although genuine emergencies are not common, its good to know we are there if needed

Paddington – Local facts

Paddington is only 2km from Brisbane CBD and was settled by Europeans in the 1850s. With the sloping blocks, the original homes were built on piers lifting the home off the ground and a number of these original Queenslander homes still exist. Although an expensive suburb today, Paddington was actually a working class suburb and had a large number of worker cottages for the employees at the city factories. Many of these small Queenslander homes on small 405m2 blocks also still exist.

Paddington was and still is largely a residential area, with schools such as Petrie Terrace State School (founded in 1868), a number of churches and parks. There are a number of shopping areas such as Given Terrace and Latrobe Terrace and give the close proximity to the CBD and universities, it also has a lively night life, with the Paddington Tavern and Caxton Street Hall well known venues.


Banner image credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons 4.0. Kgbo.

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12 Month Service Guarantee on all pest control treatments. If pests come back we will come back and re-treat the area of concern at no extra charge.

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