Termite Inspection

CSIRO statistics state that Termites will infest 1 in 3 Queensland homes. Don’t let the cost of your Property be affected by unnoticed Termite entry




Termite Inspections & Pre-Purchase Inspections Brisbane

In Australia, Termites cause more damage to property annually than the combined damage caused by fire, flood and natural disasters. Termites will infest 1 in 3 homes in Queensland. Australian Standards recommend at least annual Termite Inspections to help minimise the potential damage Termites can cause to your Property or Complex. Termites don’t just eat timber… they will eat anything with cellulose such as electrical Cabling and Plasterboard.

With Termites having the potential to cause such significant, unnoticed damage, to your Property in such a short time, it is vitally important to carry out at least Annual Termite Inspections. These inspections allow us the opportunity to find unnoticed Termite entry prior to extensive Termite damage being caused.

At Pest Doctors, we carry and use all the latest equipment exceeding the Australian Standards. We use Thermal Imaging on every inspection at no extra charge and we provide a computer-generated Report with photos and recommendations on how to best protect your property.


We offer free onsite, no obligation, written Quotations on all Termite Protection. Not only do we use the best, but we also pride ourselves on offering the highest level of protection to your home whilst also leaving your property in a better aesthetic state than when we arrived. So why not call us today to arrange your free, no obligation, Termite Protection Quote.

Termidor SC and HE Termite Chemical Treatments

The best protection against the most destructive Pest. Now, more than ever, Termites are a threat to homes all over mainland Australia. The statistics show that 1 in every 3 unprotected Australian homes will be affected by termites at some time, and that danger is forever increasing. Luckily, the risk of major damage can now be controlled. Over the last 15 years, Termidor has kept hundreds of thousands of Australian homes safe from Termites without a single product failure. Now new Termidor HE is taking that best available protection to a new, higher level of security and convenience.

Pest Doctor Technicians have been using Termidor for over 15 years. We have protected well over 1000 homes within this time and have never had a product failure. We use only the best products to protect our Client’s Properties and stand behind our installation of the products which is shown through our Zero TermiteGuarantee. We are also fully accredited in Termidor SC and HE by BASF the Chemical Company

With no Termite Protection System in place you are at a higher risk of unnoticedTermite entry and potential Termite damage to your property.

Termite Baiting and monitoring

At Pest Doctors we offer a complete Installation and Monitoring Service on all Sentricon Baiting and Monitoring sites. After each quarterly monitor you will receive a complete monitoring report. Although we preference Sentricon Always Active, we are always more than happy to offer advice on other Baiting and Monitoring Systems. Pest Doctors pride ourselves on having our own coring equipment, allowing our team to complete the full Installation service from start to finish. We will be here for you every step of the way!

With no Termite Protection System in place you are at a higher risk of unnoticedTermite entry and potential Termite damage to your property.



Wait! Before you Build…

Pre-construction Termite Management Compliance with Australian Building Standards is vital. There are very few instances where a Termite Management System is not required for a new build. So, selecting an effective Termite Management System is an important Pre-Construction decision.

Avoid the Cost!

Failure to install an impenetrable Termite barrier during the construction stage leaves the building exposed to poor long-term protection. Unfortunately, Termite damage is not covered by Building or Contents Insurance, meaning that without any measure in
place to deter Termites, property owners face remedial costs that could exceed$10,000. A costly exercise best avoided!

We Offer a Warranty you Can Count On

At Pest Doctors we offer a complete Termite Management Solution, which meets all Australian Standards, for all your new building works including Renovations or Home Extensions. We use multiple Systems to make sure we can offer a solution to any construction requirement. Upon completion of the Installation a Certificate of Treatment, Form 16, and Durable Notice will be issued and the Warranty will commence.

Protect your Assets

This is the most important stage of building a New Home or Renovating your Dream Home. Termites will infest up to 1 in 3 homes and the best way to protect your asset is to install a Pre-Construction Termite Management System with an up to 50 Year Warranty.



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We understand the importance of keeping your Family, Pets and the EnvironmentHealthy and Safe. We prioritise sourcing the safest available products on the market to reduce the risk to your loved ones.


12 MonthService Guarantee on all Pest Control Treatments. If pests come back wewill come back and re-treat the area of concern at no extra charge.

Ready to See Termites Gone for Good?

To ensure your Property is always free of Termites, and under Warranty from any recent Termite Protection, it is important to have your Property inspected at least annually by a Termite Specialist. The risk of not having regular Inspections could equate to thousands of dollars of damage to your Property as well as reduce the sale price in the future. By having your property inspected by the Pest Doctors Team and a full Termite Management Plan in place, you can rest assured that the health and investment of your property is protected to the highest standards.