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Building a home or renovating and need termite protection?

Professional Termite Protection in Brisbane


When building new homes or carrying out renovations in Brisbane there are strict regulations in place that must be followed to get building approval certificates.

In any case, if you’re spending $100,000s on a new home or renovation you want to make sure it has the best protection from termites.

Make sure you consult an independent termite professional rather than your builder to ensure you get the correct advice and a range of options to consider including our Brisbane termite inspections as well as Brisbane termite protection

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Termite protection for new homes and renovations

New home termite protection image

Termite protection for a new home on concrete slab

Termite protection during renovations image

Termite protection for an internal wall during a renovation

Guidelines and regulations

As a guideline, when building a new home, adding an extension or carrying out a renovation it is important to make sure that your home is fully protected from termites and that any extensions or renovations do not compromise the existing termite protection measures.

However, there are quite detailed regulations that cover the termite protection requirements for new homes and extensions / renovations, detailed in Australian Standard and the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission).

These requirements will be assessed by the building certifier at the end of the renovation (Form 16 / Inspection Certificate). If the building or extension / renovation do not comply they will need to be corrected (can be expensive) and in the worse-case scenario, they can order for the building / extension to be taken down.

It pays to get input from a termite professional at the planning stage of your project, especially if you are managing the project yourself. But even if you’re using a building, it’s worth getting independent advice up front.

If your particular building activity requires certification, failure to get approvals and appropriate certification can impact your building insurance and effect your ability to sell the property in the future.

Termite protection for new homes

New homes need to have all potential “concealed” termite entry points protected. Concealed termite entry points are those which cannot be seen, even during a professional termite inspection (for example, through a crack or hole in the concrete slab).

A range of physical termite protection products can be used, integrated with the physical construction elements of the building to create a physical termite barrier. For example, plastic collars impregnated with insecticide can fit around pipework before the concrete slab foundations are poured, embedding the collar in the slab, thus eliminating any potential gaps around the pipework through which a termite could enter.

New home termite protection image

Termite perimeter protection for a concrete slab home


Termite protection for penetrations image

Termite protection around pipework before pouring concrete


Although chemical treatments used to be a common method for treating soils before building a house, the regulations have changed. It is important to ensure that any termite protection measure for new buildings are designed to last the lifetime of the building. So if chemical treatments are to be used, there also needs to be a method to re-treat the soil into the future. In such cases, where a chemical treatment is desired underneath a concrete slab or pathway, a reticulation system (a network of pipes containing holes), also needs to be installed. This allows the soil to be re-treated when required.

Reticulation system for perimeter termite protection image

Reticulation pipe installed along the base of an exterior wall


Charging up / injecting insecticide into the reticulation pipework image

Charging up / injecting insecticide into the reticulation pipework

Termite protection for extensions

The regulations that govern termite protection for new buildings, also apply to extensions.

With extensions the area where the extension joins the existing building is a particular area of weakness and is a common termite entry point.

It is critical that the method of protecting this construction join is considered at the planning stage.

Termite protection for slab edge join image

Termite protection for slab edge join between existing slab and new slab (to be poured)

Termite protection for renovations

Renovations start to get into a bit of a grey area. Most renovations that occur within the outline of the existing building and don’t change the structural elements, do not require certification.

However, any work over $3000 carried by a qualified tradesman is required to have QBCC Home Warranty Insurance which protects you from poor workmanship or failure to follow regulations.

The three key areas of renovations that cause most of the termite issues are the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. It is critical to protect wet areas, not only from a waterproofing point of view, but needing to eliminate any gaps around pipework that enters through the concrete slab.

Especially for the DIY renovator they need to consult a termite professional before commencing work.

Termite protection during renovations image

Termite protection for an internal wall during renovation


Termite protection for shower recess image

Termite protection and waterproofing for shower recess

Gardening or landscaping? Think Termite Protection

You many not think about termites when gardening or landscaping, but activities in these areas, especially along the perimeter walls of the house are the cause of many termite attacks.

Garden beds along perimeter walls are often built over termite protection measures, as are paths and driveways, and decks are often built without appropriate termite protection often relying on “termite resistant timbers), forgetting that the deck can create an unseen pathway into the main part of the house.

Although any such gardening and landscaping activities are governed by building regulations, DIY homeowners and indeed most gardening or landscaping companies are unaware of the risks and regulations. If in doubt, always consult a termite professional.

Termite protection products

Pest Doctors use a range of products to design a complete and integrated termite protection system for your new home, extension or renovation.

Every construction is different so it’s important to us the right combination of products for your particular situation.

The types or products we use:

  • Plastic sheeting materials to protect perimeter walls
  • Plastic collars to protect pipework entering through concrete slabs
  • Foams impregnated with insecticide to protect joins in concrete slabs
  • Specialised polymer paints impregnated with insecticide to protect awkward joins

Pest Doctors only use the leading brands and are fully accredited to complete installations. Our pre-construction termite management systems come with a warranty of up to 50 years.

Why choose Pest Doctors?


  • All our termite technicians are experienced, fully qualified, licensed and insured – We are more than happy to show you our licenses and insurance
  • We don’t only use one product, we will recommend the best treatment options for your situation
  • We will discuss all potential treatment options with your so you can make an informed decision
  • We only use the best termite control products backed by manufacturers warranties
  • All treatments backed by the Pest Doctors ZERO TERMITE GUARANTEE



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12 Month Service Guarantee on all pest control treatments. If pests come back we will come back and re-treat the area of concern at no extra charge.

Ready to See Termites Gone for Good?

To ensure your Property is always free of Termites, and under Warranty from any recent Termite Protection, it is important to have your Property inspected at least annually by a Termite Specialist. The risk of not having regular Inspections could equate to thousands of dollars of damage to your Property as well as reduce the sale price in the future. By having your property inspected by the Pest Doctors Team and a full Termite Management Plan in place, you can rest assured that the health and investment of your property is protected to the highest standards.