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Are you worried you might have termites?

Termite Inspections Brisbane

If you think you’ve got termites, there’s no need to panic. For a professional termite inspection, just give the Pest Doctors a call and we will come out to inspect your property as soon as possible.

If you think you have termites, please try not to disturb any further by picking open any damage or mud tubes and certainly avoid spraying them with insecticide. Both actions can frighten the termites from the area making control more difficult. Pest Doctors have had many years dealing with termite problems in Brisbane. We understand it can be an anxious time, so if we do find termite we’ll take our time to explain the situation and answer any questions. We want to ease your concerns and put you back in control! Read More

Termite Inspections In Brisbane

Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. While they’re small and easy to miss completely, they can cause some very serious damage to the structure of your home. If you have termites, you want to be able to discover them and get rid of them as quickly as possible. So, do you have termites? Some tell-tale signs could be finding their droppings, seeing flying termites, seeing discarded wings, hearing quiet clicking sounds in your walls or discovering that your walls or floors have become thin. But you could have termites without any of those signs too. Whether you’ve found some of these signs in your home or you want some peace of mind to reassure you there are no termites, you would do yourself a favour by scheduling an inspection for termites in Brisbane. Pest Doctors offers thorough termite inspections in Brisbane carried out according to Australian standards AS 3660.2. With our expertise and high-quality tools, you can be confident that we’ll discover any termites that could be hiding in your walls and offer you a Southside pest control solution to solve your pest problem.

Why Get A Pest Inspection In Brisbane?

Why are termite inspections so important, even if you haven’t found any obvious signs of termites? Because termites are extremely good at hiding and can be living with you for a long time without you even knowing about it. The longer they’re present, the more property damage they can cause and the more difficult it will be to get rid of them once you’ve made the discovery. Termites can be easy to overlook, especially if you’re not a professional and don’t know what to look out for. A professional termite inspection can find termites at an early stage or discover a huge infestation that has gone completely unnoticed by you, which saves you a lot of money and hassle in repairs compared to letting them run rampant for even longer.

What To Expect From Your Brisbane Termite Inspection

Our Brisbane termite inspections are always thorough and in accordance with professional standards, performed by pest control experts who are licensed and qualified to perform the inspection. We aim to exceed traditional standards and use tools like thermal imaging cameras, dongers, moisture metres and Termatrac, the best equipment in the world, to discover termites. During an inspection, we will inspect every building on the grounds and trees, fences, decks and pergolas within 30 metres of the main property, within your grounds. We will go over every room in detail and take extra care with roof voids and sub-floor areas if present. Afterwards, you will receive a computer-generated report detailing all our findings, including the extent and location of termite damage, evidence of termite activity, recommendations for additional inspections and much more. We will answer any questions you have and always leave you knowing exactly what to do next.

Methods Of Inspection For Brisbane Termites

One of the reasons why termites can be so dangerous and destructive is the fact that they’re so small and usually stay within the walls. You often won’t see them out in the open, which means it’s easy to not even notice that you have termites threatening the structure of your home and secretly eating away at your walls. Homeowners are advised to keep an eye out for the signs of a termite infestation which we also look for, which include:

  • Quiet clicking sounds from within the walls
  • Discarded wings from flying termites
  • Flying termites
  • Creatures that look like white ants (they’re actually termites!)
  • Walls and floors sound hollow
  • Walls and floors become papery and thin
  • Doors fit tighter and windows are hard to open
  • Tunnels within pieces of wood
  • Small black marks and a dark powdery substance (these are termite droppings)

What Are the Next Steps After Your Termite Inspection

What happens if your worst fears are realised, and our inspection finds evidence of active termites? There’s no need to worry. Pest Doctors are not only experts on inspections but also on termite treatment in Brisbane’s Northside, and we’ll be sure to remedy any termite infestation quickly and efficiently. Our termite protection Brisbane treatments come with a zero-termite and 12-month service guarantee, which means we will leave no termites behind, and we’ll remedy it at no extra charge if they return within 12 months. If you want to book in for one of our pest inspections in Brisbane, call the termite hotline or send an enquiry through the contact form on our website. Read Less

Termite inspections with thermal imaging camera

Thermal camera with termite nest image
Termite nest in roof found with thermal camera image
Professional termite inspections must be carried out according to Australian standards AS 3660.2. At Pest Doctors we aim to exceed these standards.

We use thermal imaging cameras on all our inspections at no extra charge, giving you (and us!) the confidence that there are no termites hiding in your walls.

What will the termite inspection tell you?

  • Whether there are any active termites present, the level of activity and the location of any termite entry points
  • The extent and location of any termite damage
  • Evidence of any previous termite treatment
  • If there are any construction fault or environmental conditions that could make a termite attack more likely

What areas of your property do we inspect?

  • Inspect all buildings within the property boundary
  • Inspect timber fences, decks, pergolas, outbuildings, trees and landscape timbers up to 30m radius from the main building (within the property boundaries)
  • Every room in the buildings is inspected in turn
  • If present, time is taken to inspect the roof void and sub-floor in detail

It is important to understand that we can only inspect areas to which we can access, so please make sure we can access all rooms, the roof void and sub-floor.

Termite mudding in sub-floor image

Inspection of any sub-floor areas is vital as it’s a common site of termite activity


What sort of inspection report do you get?

Pest Doctors use the inspection information to create a computer-generated report, which contains photos to illustrate the key findings.

Australian Standards require the report to include:

  • Details of any visual evidence of any current termite activity, including the location, extent or activity and the species present
  • The extent and location of any termite damage (there may or may not be active termites present)
  • Recommendations for any additional inspections
  • Information on any environmental conditions or building construction faults that may make your property more likely to come under termite attack
  • Recommendations for solving these construction faults and environmental issues
  • An assessment of the overall risk of the property suffering a termite attack
  • Information on any termite management systems already in place and recommendations on its maintenance requirements (if the system is still active)
  • Recommendations for a termite management plan to eliminate any current infestation and protect the property from future termite attack

What equipment do we use?

At Pest Doctors we use a range of devices to help us work out what might be happening behind the walls. There are three pieces of equipment we regularly use:

  • Donger: a device to tap /sound wood construction elements for damage
  • Moisture meter: for finding leaks and areas of moisture which could indicate termite activity
  • Flir thermal imaging camera to pick up potential termite activity behind walls
  • Termatrac: 3 way detection – moisture, thermal and motion detector to locate and track termite activity

It is important to remember that the standard termite inspection is a visual termite inspection. This means we don’t move heavy furniture which may be blocking walls and we don’t break open any walls. If we find some suspicious activity, we may recommend a further invasive inspection to investigate further.

Helpful tip: If you want to make sure you get a comprehensive termite inspection, please make sure we have easy access to all rooms, roof void and sub-floor.

Comprehensive computer-generated inspection reports

Why choose Pest Doctors?


  • All our timber pest inspectors are experienced, fully qualified, licensed and insured
    • We are more than happy to show you our licenses and insurance
  • You can feel confident we have carried out a comprehensive inspection
    • We take time to carry out your termite inspection
    • A comprehensive termite inspection takes at least 1.5 hours on average, depending on the size of the property, number of rooms and presence of sub-floor / roof void.
    • We use a thermal imaging camera on every inspection at no extra charge
  • We provide a comprehensive computer-generated inspection report and discuss any issues
  • You will receive a discount on any other pest services carried out at the same time as the termite inspection

What are the signs of termite activity?

Flying termites image
Worker termites image
Large termite mud tube in sub-floor image
Roof collapse termite damage image

The key signs of termite activity are outlined below, but if you want more information check out our blog, “What are the 14 signs of termites in your home“.

Live Termites

Worker termites:

Worker termites are the ones that cause all the damage. If you spot these, give Pest Doctors a call immediately!

Worker termites image

Worker termites


Flying termites:

During spring and summer, on warm humid nights, flying termites appear from mature nests in great numbers.

They are pale brown, with two pairs of delicate wings, which tend to fall off easily when they land.

If you see these insects flying around or lots of wings on the ground in the morning, then it means there is a termite nest nearby.

Flying termites image

Flying termites on the ground the morning after a mating flight

Termite mudding

Termite build mud tubes for protection when they are travelling to their feeding site and will often bring in mud to their active feeding sites to increase the moisture level.

The mud tubes can be found on trees, fences, other wood items, entry points to your home, in the sub-floor and roof void.

Termite damage

Other than the obvious damage of collapsed timbers, there can be more subtle signs of termite damage, such as rippled paintwork, spongy floorboards and doors not shutting properly.

Roof collapse termite damage image

Severe termite damage can cause buildings to collapse

Termite damage to wood cabinet image

The rippled paintwork on this cabinet hidings the termite activity underneath


If you spot something suspicious, don’t touch or spray the area (as this will disturb the termites), just call the Pest Doctors immediately to arrange an inspection.



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Ready to See Termites Gone for Good?

To ensure your Property is always free of Termites, and under Warranty from any recent Termite Protection, it is important to have your Property inspected at least annually by a Termite Specialist. The risk of not having regular Inspections could equate to thousands of dollars of damage to your Property as well as reduce the sale price in the future. By having your property inspected by the Pest Doctors Team and a full Termite Management Plan in place, you can rest assured that the health and investment of your property is protected to the highest standards.