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Do you need your home protected from termites?

Professional termite treatments – Brisbane


If you need termites eliminated from your property and your home protected, it’s important to choose an experienced termite company you can trust.

Pest Doctors are fully licensed and insured to provide termite services and have years of experience treating and protecting Brisbane properties from termites.

In addition, we only use the best, leading termite products – with added performance warranties – for that added peace of mind.

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Our comprehensive termite treatment process

All our termite treatments are carried out according to Australian Standards 3660.2-2017, which provides you will the confidence you are receiving professional termite services.

Our professional termite treatment process follows 4 key steps:

FREE Quote (no obligation)

Pest Doctors are happy to provide a FREE quote for your termite treatment. We don’t do these over the phone. It’s important for us to visit your property so we can assess the problem on site and discuss any concerns you may have.

The price of  termite treatments is always a concern. Check out our blog article on how much a termite treatment costs to understand the factor involved in pricing a treatment.  

Termite treatment proposal

Our FREE quotes are actually a formal termite treatment proposal as required by Australian Standards 3660.2 2017. These are not just quotes but important legal documents, as they detail what’s included in the treatment, the expected outcomes / limitations and also list alternative options (if appropriate). As you can imagine, when carrying out treatments to protect assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is important that you are protected.

The termite treatment proposal will contain details on the treatment process to eliminate termites and the recommended termite management system to provide the long-term protection of your home.

In many case a number of different treatment options may be available. Check out our post about which is the best termite treatment for more information.

Although the proposal is a written document, we will take time to discuss it with you in person.

Once you’re happy with the proposal and quote, the document needs to be signed before we proceed.

Comprehensive termite inspection

In many cases, Pest Doctors will have only carried out a partial inspection in order to provide the quote. Before starting the treatment, Pest Doctors must carry out a comprehensive termite inspection to make sure all details are recorded correctly.

Ensuring all activity and termite entry points are correctly identified is vital to ensure the correct treatment is applied and also to monitor over time, to make sure the treatment has been successful.

At the Pest Doctors we always use Thermal imaging cameras on all our inspections at no extra charge, for that important peace of mind!

Eliminate active termites

The first step in any termite treatment is to try and locate and eliminate the nest. If a nest is located we will treated it or physically destroy it (if possible). However, since nests are often located underground and are well hidden, and could be up to 100 m from the building, it can be very difficult!

As such the minimum goal is to eliminate active termites from inside the building. We do this using one of a number of products: termite baits, foams and dust. The choice of product depending on the species present and nature of the infestations.

Depending on the level of infestation and products used, elimination of active termites can take between a couple of weeks and several months before the building is declared termite free.

Termite baits take the longest to act, but they have the added benefit that they actually eliminate the colony (without physically having to locate the nest). Termites take the termite bait back to the nest and feed it to other members of the colony. It contains a slow acting insecticide which eventually kills the queen and eliminated the colony.

Termite baits can be placed above ground on areas of activity or in-ground to intercept termites before they get to your house.

At Pest Doctors we offer a Zero Termite Guarantee – so you can have confidence we will get rid of termites from your home.

Once the termites have been eliminated, we can install a termite management system around the property to provide the long-term protection for your property.


Install a termite management system

There are two options for termite management systems to provide the long termite protection:

  • Liquid termiticide treatments to the soil
  • Termite monitoring and baiting systems

For soil treatments we only use Termidor from BASF, the world’s leading soil treatment product. Termidor creates a non-repellent treated zone around the property which termites cannot detect and die when the tunnel into the treated zone. As an accredited applicator, qualifying treatments are backed by the Termidor $2 million timber protection assurance warranty.

For termite monitoring and baiting we generally recommend the AlwaysActive system from Sentricon. This next generation baiting system is always active, ready to eliminate any termite nests in the area.

AlwaysActive in ground bait station

The AlwaysActive bait rod is placed in the bait station and the lid is put on top. Bait stations are placed in the ground around the perimeter of the building

The choice of system will depend on the situation at your property (construction type, soil conditions, slope of the block, etc), budget considerations and any personal preference. Note: depending on your situation, only one type of termite management system may be appropriate.

At Pest Doctors we offer a Zero Termite Guarantee, which means we guarantee that any termite management system we install will keep your home free from termites, providing we carry out annual termite inspections and any recommendations regarding building maintenance and corrective actions are followed.

Why choose Pest Doctors?


  • All our termite technicians are experienced, fully qualified, licensed and insured – We are more than happy to show you our licenses and insurance
  • We don’t only use one product, we will recommend the best treatment options for your situation
  • We will discuss all potential treatment options with your so you can make an informed decision
  • We only use the best termite control products backed by manufacturers warranties
  • All treatments backed by the Pest Doctors ZERO TERMITE GUARANTEE

IMPORTANT NOTE: Termite managements systems (baiting systems and soil treatments) are designed to prevent the concealed termite entry. Although unlikely, termites can still get into your home, but they would have to choose a route that is visible. This is one of the key reasons why even with a termite management system in place it is important to have annual termite inspections. (Also important to maintain any warranty).



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We will arrive when we say, or you will receive a courtesy call to advise we are running a little late. Please always rest assured that we value your time


We understand the importance of keeping your family, pets and the environment, healthy and safe. We prioritise sourcing the safest available products on the market to reduce the risk to your loved ones.


12 Month Service Guarantee on all pest control treatments. If pests come back we will come back and re-treat the area of concern at no extra charge.

Ready to See Termites Gone for Good?

Australia Standards recommend all properties have a suitable termite management systems in place and have regular (at least annual) termite inspections. This ensures your property is always free of termites and maintains the warranty from any recent termite treatment / protection.

The risk of not have termite protection in place and regular inspections could equate to thousands of dollars of damage to your property as well as reducing the sale price in the future.

By having your property inspected by the Pest Doctors team and a full termite management plan in place, you can rest assured that the health and investment of your property is protected to the highest standards.